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Experienced Construction & Contractor Litigation Lawyer in Connecticut

Protecting the Rights & Best Interests of Clients Involved in Construction & Contracting Projects

Tolland County attorney for construction litigationContracting and construction projects are the perfect ground for disputes, and it’s not uncommon for projects to be stalled due to one or more disagreements.

Attorney J. Christopher Llinas has 8.5 years of experience as corporate counsel for Royal Plus, Inc., an insurance restoration contractor. As a result, Attorney Llinas is well-equipped to handle all construction and contractor litigation issues.

Attorney Llinas has experience with construction and contractor claims that can potentially arise during a construction project. Among the disputes he successfully handled include:

  • Contract Issues
  • Structural problems and failures
  • Design flaws
  • Defects and failures in concrete
  • Failures in slope and shoring
  • Delay in project completion
  • Failure to inspect
  • Problems with project coordination and completion
  • Defects in construction
  • Environmental hazards
  • Safety violations and workplace injuries
  • Unreasonable changes in the scope of work
  • Fair compensation claims when additional work is performed
  • Claims for lost productivity
  • Failure to complete project on time
  • Problems with guarantees and performance standards
  • Warranty claims after project completion

Experienced in Connecticut Construction Law

The laws surrounding construction and contractor claims can be complex. Attorney J. Christopher Llinas has the expertise and resources to provide you with adequate representation throughout every stage of your case.

Upon consultation, Attorney Llinas will create and implement a litigation strategy that involves creative solutions designed to elicit the most favorable result. 

Construction and contractor problems can be costly for your business. It is critical that you immediately reach out to an attorney who can help you protect your rights and the best interests of your company.

Aggressive Representation & Dispute Resolution

In many cases, construction litigation requires an aggressive approach. In order to protect your rights and to advocate for the best possible outcome, Attorney Llinas is able to use his experience to zealously petition the court for a verdict in your favor. 

Attorney Llinas understands how challenging construction and contractor litigation can be. When you need an attorney who will act fast and work hard to protect you, don’t wait to contact Attorney Llinas. 

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When you need an attorney you can rely on to provide your business with passionate advocacy in the face of construction or contractor disputes, contact Attorney J. Christopher Llinas. 

Attorney Llinas is available now to discuss your case in detail and begin developing a comprehensive legal strategy that is unique to your business.

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