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Hello, I’m Attorney Chris Llinas. If you’re facing DUI charges, you might be dealing with stress and uncertainty about what comes next. At Llinas Law, we recognize how challenging this time can be—not just legally, but emotionally and practically. With my background as a former prosecutor, there’s nothing I haven’t seen or heard in the realm of DUI defense. My approach is compassionate and honest, aiming to transform a difficult situation into a positively life-changing outcome.

Understanding Connecticut’s DUI Laws

Connecticut DUI laws are designed to be strict as a deterrent, but they can feel particularly unforgiving if you find yourself charged. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC): The limit is 0.08% for those over 21. For drivers under 21, it’s just 0.02%.
  • Penalties: Depending on factors like your BAC level and any previous offenses, penalties can range from fines and a suspended license to mandatory alcohol education and even jail time.

Trying to fight these charges on your own is scary, and the consequences of a DUI charge can affect your future significantly. That’s why it’s important that you have an experienced attorney who deeply understands these laws and how they apply in real-world scenarios.

Lex Justine
Lex Justine
April 18, 2024
I never really write reviews but this one is needed! Chris is the most amazing lawyer anyone could hire. He is the most honest guy about everything. He is straight forward and doesn’t beat around the bush about anything. He’s not only a great lawyer but the most genuine human I have ever met! I 10000% recommend him without a doubt.
Kayla Murphy
Kayla Murphy
March 5, 2024
Very pleasant to work with. Judgement free. Update I wanted to add to my review: Shoutout to Chris. He was extremely calm, caring and realistic with his approach + strategies on helping my particular case. He genuinely hears you and has your back. He cares in all the little details, like dressing to the 9, arriving early + coming prepared. He’s like that really cool friend or uncle who 100% has your back and best interests at heart. I am truly grateful for Chris and would highly recommend his services.
sarah strickland
sarah strickland
February 12, 2024
WE didn't to know where to start. Chris summarized our situation, and found referrals for appropriate advice. We were able to review referrals, contact and hire in the space of half a day. Thank you Chris for your help.
TW Smith
TW Smith
January 9, 2024
I would highly recommend Atty. Llinas to my closest friends and family. I found he was easy to work with, willing to listen, compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient. He was easy to communicate with, always had time for me, his advice was absolutely spot-on, and he was always well prepared.
Sam Crusan
Sam Crusan
January 9, 2024
We hired the services of Chris to challenge a citation we received in Connecticut. Chris proved to be highly responsive and successfully managed to have the case dismissed.
kye vestergaard
kye vestergaard
December 27, 2023
Very happy with my outcome and the work done to get there. Chris and his team were attentive and Chris himself got back to me everytime. If I have the need for legal help, or anyone I know does for that matter Chris will be the solution.
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Soledad Coache
November 28, 2023
He provided an amazing services. He answered all my questions and he was always available to talk to me. I am truly satisfied for the legal advise I received
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Daniel Niemczyk
November 21, 2023
Very informative and responsive. Always available to help!

A Closer Look at Connecticut DUI Investigations

When facing a DUI investigation, the details matter:

  • Field Sobriety Tests and Breathalyzer Test: These assessments are crucial in establishing the state’s case against you but knowing your rights can affect their outcome.
  • Procedure and Protocol: Understanding the process, from the moment you’re pulled over to your conduct during tests, can significantly impact your case’s direction.

As a former prosecutor, I am intimately familiar with both sides of Connecticut’s DUI procedures. This unique perspective allows me to craft defense strategies that effectively challenge the prosecution’s case against you.

Connecticut DUI ChargesConnecticut DUI Charges

Why Choose Chris Llinas as Your Connecticut DUI Defense Attorney?

Selecting the right connecticut dui lawyer is more than just finding legal expertise—it’s about finding someone who can personalize their approach to match the specifics of your situation:

  • Expertise and Experience: With years spent in the courtroom, both as a defense attorney and a prosecutor, I bring atop-dui-lawyer-in-connecticut comprehensive understanding of DUI law.
  • Commitment to Clients: I am committed to handling each case personally. You will always receive my full attention and the benefit of my experiences and insights.
  • Honest and Direct Communication: I believe in clear, straightforward communication. You’ll always know where you stand and what your options are.

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In-Depth FAQs About DUI in Connecticut

Let’s address some of the most pressing questions you might have:

  • What happens if I refuse a breathalyzer test? While you have the right to refuse, it’s important to understand the potential consequences under Connecticut’s implied consent laws.
  • How can a DUI charge be dismissed? Several factors come into play, including the evidence presented, the legality of the traffic stop, and the defense strategy employed.

Dealing with DUI charges is more than just a legal battle, it’s a personal journey1

Resources for Those Facing DUI Charges in Connecticut

If you are dealing with DUI charges, Connecticut offers several Pretrial Intervention Programs to help. These programs provide evaluation and group interaction services designed to support individuals through their legal challenges and promote positive outcomes. Here’s a guide to agencies offering these vital services:

Pretrial Impaired Driving Intervention and Drug Intervention Programs


AgencyAddress & TelephoneLocations Served
Community Health Resources (CHR)1310 Main Street, Willimantic, CT 06226
Tel: 860-771-4839
Manchester, Danielson, Willimantic
Family & Children’s Agency9 Mott Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06580
Tel: 203-523-5343
Midwestern Connecticut Council on Alcoholism (MCCA)2 Hospital Avenue, Danbury, CT 06450
Tel: 203-743-2852
Bridgeport, Danbury, Derby, Torrington
The Connection, Inc.178 State Street, Meriden, CT 06450
Tel: 475-238-6220 (Option 1)
Hartford, Meriden, Middletown, Milford, New Haven, Norwich, Old Saybrook
Wheeler Clinic40 Hart Street, New Britain, CT 06052
Tel: 475-235-6830
New Britain, Waterbury


Each of these agencies offers unique programs tailored to meet the needs of individuals facing legal challenges related to impaired driving or drug use. Engaging with these programs can be a critical step toward managing your situation and moving forward positively.

Don’t try to go through this process on your own. 
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Connecticut Resources for Suspended License Reinstatement

If you’re facing the challenge of a suspended license in Connecticut, there are several resources available to assist you in understanding the process and requirements for reinstatement. The following table provides information on key programs that support individuals in regaining their driving privileges:

Programs and Resources for Suspended License in Connecticut


ResourceService ProvidedContact Information
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)Comprehensive information on license suspension reasons, reinstatement procedures, and necessary forms.DMV Website
Connecticut Legal ServicesLegal advice and representation for issues related to license suspension, particularly for low-income individuals.CLS Website
Tel: 860-344-0447
Statewide Legal Services of ConnecticutAssistance with legal queries and representation regarding traffic violations and license issues.SLSCT Website
Tel: 800-453-3320
Driver Retraining ProgramRequired for drivers who have accumulated a specified number of violation points or have been identified for serious traffic violations.Driver Retraining Information
Alcohol Education ProgramFor individuals whose license suspension is related to DUI offenses, providing necessary education as a step towards reinstatement.DUI Program Details


These resources provide a pathway for those affected by license suspension to address the legal and procedural aspects necessary for reinstatement. Whether the suspension is due to DUI, accumulation of points, or other violations, these programs can guide you through the steps required to regain your driving privileges in Connecticut.

Chris Llinas Can Help You In These Jurisdictions:

List of Connecticut Criminal Courts that you can get help with at our firm.


Court NameAddress (Click for more info)Telephone
Ansonia-Milford Judicial District14 West River Street, Milford, CT 06460203-877-4293
Danbury Judicial District146 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810203-207-8600
Fairfield Judicial District1061 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604203-579-6527
Hartford Judicial District95 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106860-548-2700
Litchfield Judicial District15 West Street, Litchfield, CT 06759860-567-0885
Middlesex Judicial District1 Court Street, Middletown, CT 06457860-343-6445
New Britain Judicial District20 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051860-515-5180
New Haven Judicial District235 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510203-503-6800
New London Judicial District70 Huntington Street, New London, CT 06320860-443-5363
Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District123 Hoyt Street, Stamford, CT 06905203-965-5308
Tolland Judicial District69 Brooklyn Street, Rockville, CT 06066860-870-3200
Waterbury Judicial District300 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT 06702203-591-3300
Windham Judicial District155 Church Street, Putnam, CT 06260860-928-7749


This list covers the major judicial district courts in Connecticut where criminal cases are typically heard. These courts handle felony and misdemeanor cases, as well as other criminal matters. However, Connecticut also has Geographical Area Courts (G.A. courts), which handle lesser criminal cases, among other things. We also defend you in those courts. If you need information about these or any specific minor courts, we can provide those details as well. Let us know how we can assist you.Helpful Content From Llinas Law

Helpful Content From Llinas Law

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