First Offense DUI in Connecticut: What You Need to Know

Being charged with a First Offense DUI in Connecticut can be a daunting experience. The legal intricacies, potential penalties, and the impact on one’s life can be overwhelming. At Llinas Law, with an experienced Connecticut DUI Lawyer, we understand the gravity of the situation and are here to guide you through the process.

Common Crimes related to Connecticut DUI first offenses

Connecticut has stringent laws when it comes to Operating Under the Influence (DUI). A first offense can lead to:

Common myths/known challenges in fighting Connecticut DUI first offenses

Myth 1: A first offense isn’t serious. Reality: Even a first offense can have severe consequences, including a criminal record.

Myth 2: I don’t need a lawyer for a first offense. Reality: Having a skilled attorney like those at Llinas Law can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Framework For Defending Connecticut DUI First Offenses

  1. Evidence Review: Scrutinizing the evidence, including breathalyzer results and arrest procedures.
  2. Legal Counsel: Understanding the charges and potential defenses.
  3. Court Representation: Representing you in court to ensure your rights are protected.

Obstacles/challenges in implementation

Every DUI case is unique. Challenges can arise from:

  • Inaccurate breathalyzer results
  • Improper arrest procedures
  • Witness testimonies

Personal story

A client once came to us, devastated by a first-time DUI charge. With our comprehensive approach, we discovered procedural errors in the arrest, leading to a favorable outcome for the client.

Possible Defenses for Connecticut DUI First Offenses

  • Improper Stop: The officer had no valid reason for the traffic stop.
  • Faulty Breathalyzer: The device wasn’t calibrated or used correctly.
  • Medical Conditions: Certain conditions can mimic intoxication.


Facing a First Offense DUI in Connecticut? Don’t navigate the legal waters alone. Contact Llinas Law today and let us fight for your rights. Call our office at 860-530-1781 for a consultation.

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