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Criminal Charges & Immigration Defense in Connecticut

Being an immigrant facing criminal charges in Connecticut can feel like navigating a tangled labyrinth. Uncertainty and fear loom large, making it crucial to understand the potential consequences and how they impact your future in the United States. At [Your Law Firm Name], we’re here to guide you through this complex terrain, offering unwavering support and expert legal counsel.

Common Types of Crimes and Immigration Consequences:

Understanding the specific types of charges and their potential immigration consequences is vital. Here’s a breakdown of some common scenarios:

  • Misdemeanors: While generally less severe, some misdemeanors – like theft, DUI, or domestic violence – can still trigger removal proceedings depending on the specific offense and your immigration status.
  • Crimes of Moral Turpitude (CMTs): These involve dishonesty, deception, or violence and carry significant immigration repercussions. Conviction of a CMT can trigger removal and make you ineligible for future visas or citizenship. Examples include fraud, forgery, drug trafficking, and certain assault offenses.
  • Aggravated Felonies: These are the most serious offenses with the harshest immigration consequences. Conviction of an aggravated felony almost always leads to removal and a lifetime ban on re-entry to the United States. Examples include murder, drug trafficking, firearms offenses, and certain racketeering crimes.

Beyond Immediate Removal:

While removal is a primary concern, even lesser offenses can create other immigration hurdles:

  • Loss of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status: Certain convictions can make you deportable and lead to LPR status termination.
  • Inadmissibility: Convictions for specific crimes can render you inadmissible to the United States, significantly impacting your ability to obtain visas or re-enter the country after trips abroad.
  • Bars to Citizenship: Certain convictions can permanently bar you from naturalization and acquiring U.S. citizenship.

Protecting Your Future: Proactive Measures and Options:

Facing criminal charges doesn’t mean your immigration fate is sealed. Proactive measures and exploring all available options can significantly improve your situation:

  • Seek legal counsel immediately: An experienced criminal immigration attorney can assess your case, develop a strong defense strategy, and explain potential immigration consequences and available options.
  • Fight the criminal charges: Working with your attorney to obtain a dismissal, reduced sentence, or alternative program can minimize the immigration impact.
  • Explore alternatives to conviction: Seeking deferred prosecution, probation, or diversion programs can avoid a conviction and its immigration consequences.
  • Post-conviction relief: Depending on the circumstances, exploring options like expungement, pardon, or appeals may open avenues to improve your immigration status.

Additional Resources and Support:

Navigating this complex landscape can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful resources:

Remember, you are not alone. At [Your Law Firm Name], we understand the immense pressure you face. We offer compassionate support, dedicated legal expertise, and unwavering commitment to protecting your rights and future in the United States.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll answer your questions, assess your case, and chart a clear path forward to secure the best possible outcome in both your criminal case and your immigration journey.

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