One of the greatest advances in criminal justice technology is the discovery of DNA evidence and how it’s used to solve crimes. While DNA can reveal or confirm the identity of criminals, it can also be used by prosecutors to heavily sway a jury to convict the defendant, even if the evidence is weak at best. 

Many people believe that DNA makes a criminal case open and shut, but real cases don’t often shape up like those on TV. Here are some ways to defend against proof of your DNA at a crime scene.  

DNA Technology Isn’t Foolproof 

DNA tech sometimes appears to be “magical,” and prosecuting attorneys often rely on this quality to overshadow any potential discrepancies about the validity of the evidence itself. DNA processing must still be done by humans, and human error can cause even the most state-of-the-art technology to be rendered ineffective or inaccurate. 

The Chain of Custody Must Remain Intact 

DNA obtained at the scene of an alleged crime must follow what is known as a “chain of custody.” It must be traceable on paper or in computer records where the DNA sample went after it was taken from the scene and each person it was handed off to. If the chain of custody does not remain intact, a criminal defense lawyer can use this to argue that the evidence has become compromised. 

Samples May Be Contaminated 

DNA samples may be contaminated in other ways, besides an interruption in the chain of custody. For example, if a crime scene technician did not properly collect the sample according to procedure, it may be argued that the results are unreliable. Or, perhaps the crime scene itself became contaminated when stumbled upon by civilians, making all DNA evidence obtained at the scene questionable. 

Why You Need a Zealous Hartford, CT Criminal Defense Lawyer On Your Side 

Even when weak, DNA evidence is very powerful in the eyes of a jury. If a DNA sample has allegedly pinned you to the scene of a crime, you need an experienced, aggressive Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyer who will advocate for you. 

Contact J. Christopher Llinas now for a consultation to discuss your case in detail and to talk through potential DNA evidence defenses. Call now at (860) 530-1781. Our office is available now to provide you with the legal assistance you need.


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