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Lex Justine
Lex Justine
April 18, 2024
I never really write reviews but this one is needed! Chris is the most amazing lawyer anyone could hire. He is the most honest guy about everything. He is straight forward and doesn’t beat around the bush about anything. He’s not only a great lawyer but the most genuine human I have ever met! I 10000% recommend him without a doubt.
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Kayla Murphy
March 5, 2024
Very pleasant to work with. Judgement free. Update I wanted to add to my review: Shoutout to Chris. He was extremely calm, caring and realistic with his approach + strategies on helping my particular case. He genuinely hears you and has your back. He cares in all the little details, like dressing to the 9, arriving early + coming prepared. He’s like that really cool friend or uncle who 100% has your back and best interests at heart. I am truly grateful for Chris and would highly recommend his services.
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sarah strickland
February 12, 2024
WE didn't to know where to start. Chris summarized our situation, and found referrals for appropriate advice. We were able to review referrals, contact and hire in the space of half a day. Thank you Chris for your help.
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TW Smith
January 9, 2024
I would highly recommend Atty. Llinas to my closest friends and family. I found he was easy to work with, willing to listen, compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient. He was easy to communicate with, always had time for me, his advice was absolutely spot-on, and he was always well prepared.
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Sam Crusan
January 9, 2024
We hired the services of Chris to challenge a citation we received in Connecticut. Chris proved to be highly responsive and successfully managed to have the case dismissed.
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kye vestergaard
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Very happy with my outcome and the work done to get there. Chris and his team were attentive and Chris himself got back to me everytime. If I have the need for legal help, or anyone I know does for that matter Chris will be the solution.
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Soledad Coache
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Daniel Niemczyk
November 21, 2023
Very informative and responsive. Always available to help!

If you are facing DUI charges in Middlesex, Connecticut, an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney by your side can make all of the difference. You are potentially facing serious penalties and jail time depending on your unique set of circumstances. J. Christopher Llinas, the founder of Llinas Law, is a skilled DUI attorney with over a decade of experience defending clients in Middlesex and throughout Connecticut. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Llinas has a unique understanding of both sides of the legal system, enabling him to build strong defenses for his clients.


How Can J. Christopher Llinas Help You With Your Middlesex DUI Charges?

Middlesex DUI Charges

  • Over A Decade Of Experience
  • Extensive experience in DUI defense
  • Former prosecutor with insider knowledge of the legal system
  • Personalized attention and tailored legal strategies
  • Aggressive representation to protect your rights and future
  • Strong track record of success in DUI cases

According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, there are thousands of DUI’s every year

Understanding DUI Charges in Middlesex, Connecticut:

  1. Connecticut DUI Laws and Penalties For Middlesex DUI Charges:

    • In Connecticut, a BAC of 0.08% or higher is considered driving under the influence (DUI).
    • First-time offenders face up to 6 months in jail, a fine of $500-$1,000, and a license suspension of 45 days.
    • Penalties increase for subsequent offenses, with mandatory minimum jail time, higher fines, and longer license suspensions.
    • Refusing a chemical test results in an automatic license suspension of 6 months for the first offense.
  2. Field Sobriety Tests and Breathalyzer Tests:

    • Field sobriety tests, such as the walk-and-turn and one-leg stand, are used by officers to assess impairment.
    • These tests are subjective and can be challenged in court with the help of a skilled DUI attorney.
    • Breathalyzer tests measure BAC levels, but they can be inaccurate due to improper calibration or administration.
    • An experienced DUI lawyer can scrutinize the validity of these tests and use any inconsistencies to build a strong defense.
  3. License Suspension and Revocation:

    • A DUI conviction in Connecticut results in an automatic license suspension, even for first-time offenders.
    • The length of the suspension depends on factors such as BAC level and prior offenses.
    • Drivers may be eligible for a special operator’s permit for work or education purposes during the suspension.
    • Repeated DUI offenses can lead to license revocation, requiring a lengthy process to reinstate driving privileges.
  4. Ignition Interlock Devices After Middlesex DUI Charges:

    • An ignition interlock device (IID) is a breathalyzer connected to a vehicle’s ignition system.
    • Connecticut law requires IIDs for all DUI offenders, including first-time offenders, as a condition of license restoration.
    • The driver must blow into the device to start the vehicle and periodically while driving.
    • IIDs are installed at the offender’s expense and must be maintained for a specified period, typically 6 months to 1 year.
  5. Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction:

    • A DUI conviction stays on an individual’s criminal record, affecting future employment, housing, and educational opportunities.
    • Insurance rates can skyrocket following a DUI, often remaining high for several years.
    • Professional licenses, such as those for doctors, lawyers, or pilots, may be suspended or revoked.
    • Travel to certain countries, like Canada, can be restricted or prohibited with a DUI conviction.
    • The social stigma and personal embarrassment associated with a DUI can have lasting emotional and psychological effects.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What should I do if I am pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Middlesex? If you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Middlesex, it is essential to remain calm and be polite to the officer. Provide your license and registration when asked, but politely decline to answer any questions about your alcohol consumption or where you were coming from. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.
  2. Can I refuse a breathalyzer test in Connecticut? In Connecticut, if you are arrested for DUI, you are required to submit to a chemical test (breathalyzer or blood test) under the state’s implied consent law. Refusing to take the test can result in automatic license suspension and can be used as evidence against you in court. However, you have the right to refuse field sobriety tests, which are often subjective and can be challenged in court. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable DUI attorney to understand your rights and options.
  3. How long will a DUI stay on my criminal record? In Connecticut, a DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record indefinitely unless you are eligible for and successfully complete the Pretrial Alcohol Education Program. This program is available for first-time offenders who meet certain criteria, and upon completion, the charges may be dismissed. However, even if the charges are dismissed, the arrest record will still be visible to law enforcement.
  4. What are the penalties for a first-time DUI offense in Middlesex? The penalties for a first-time DUI offense in Middlesex, Connecticut, can include:
  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Fines ranging from $500 to $1,000
  • License suspension of 45 days, followed by a 1-year installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Participation in a substance abuse evaluation and treatment program However, the specific penalties may vary depending on the circumstances of your case and your blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time of the arrest.
  1. How can a DUI attorney help me fight my Middlesex DUI Charges? A skilled DUI attorney like J. Christopher Llinas can help you fight your charges by:
  • Thoroughly investigating your case and identifying any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence
  • Challenging the validity of field sobriety tests and breathalyzer results
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss charges
  • Exploring alternative sentencing options, such as the Pretrial Alcohol Education Program
  • Representing you in court and protecting your rights throughout the legal process
  • Providing guidance and support to help you navigate the complex legal system With Attorney Llinas’s extensive experience as a former prosecutor and a dedicated DUI defense lawyer, he has the knowledge and skills necessary to build a strong defense on your behalf and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Resources If Your Facing DUI Charges In Middlesex:
1. Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles – DUI Information
2. Connecticut Judicial Branch – Criminal Court Procedures
3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – Drunk Driving Prevention
4. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) – Support for DUI Victims

Facing Middlesex DUI Charges in Connecticut, can be overwhelming and stressful. However, with the right legal representation, you can protect your rights, your future, and your freedom. J. Christopher Llinas of Llinas Law is a dedicated and experienced DUI attorney who will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Don’t face your DUI charges alone – contact Llinas Law today for a consultation and let Attorney Llinas put his expertise to work for you. 860-530-1781



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