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If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense in Portland, CT, you already understand how serious a criminal charge is on your record. Don’t wait, you need the help of a former prosecutor and Portland, CT Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call now: (860) 530-1781

Arrested In Portland, CT?

What happens when you’re arrested in Portland, CT?

  • You will have encountered a law enforcement officer from the Portland, CT Police Department
  • You will have been read your rights and placed under arrest
  • You will have been transported to the Portland Police Department for processing located at the Portland Community Building on 265 Main St.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you will be held until your arraignment or given a desk appearance.
  • Should you be arraigned, that would take place at G.A. 9 Superior Court located at 1 Court Street in Middletown.

Don’t Face Criminal Charges In Portland, CT Alone

It is absolutely critical that you get ahead of your defense and have your family contact an experienced Portland, CT Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. Your best defense starts early in order to strategize over the best possible outcome for you.

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