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If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI in Portland, CT, it is vital to speak with an experienced Portland DUI Lawyer as soon as possible. Former Prosecutor and Portland, CT Criminal Defense Lawyer, Chris Llinas, is prepared to help you. Call now: (860) 530-1781

DUI Charges In Portland, CT

What happens when you’re arrested for a DUI in Portland, CT?

Depending on your specific set of circumstances, if convicted, you may be facing any number of charges and penalties. Any arrest will affect your life but a DUI can run deeper. Both you and your family may be impacted by simply having your driving privileges suspended. It is the type of crime that has dual effects, one in criminal court but another in traffic court. Aas to the driving privileges; you could face a license revocation or suspension along with other court punishments such as incarceration.

Experienced DUI Defense In Portland, CT

Chris Llinas is a former prosecutor who has dedicated his life to fighting for the accused. By working with an experienced Portland, CT DUI Lawyer you get the benefit of having someone on your side that has been on the other side of the fence. You benefit from having counsel that has experience with fighting DUI Charges in every court throughout the state of Connecticut. Chris’s multi-layered approach to DUI defense comes from seasoned experience, dedication, and care. The right DUI Defense Lawyer will fight for you, your family, your future and your criminal record, and your driving privileges.

DUI Criminal Case In Portland, CT

Because a DUI Charge in Portland is multi-faceted it’s important to note that once you have dealt with the license end of your case, you now have to prepare to fight for your DUI Criminal Case. Attorney Llinas aggressively fights, negotiates, and pushes for dismissals, reductions, or alternative sentencing on your behalf.

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