Violations of Probation

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J. Christopher Llinas is a former Maryland prosecutor who is now practicing as a probation violations lawyer from his office in Hebron, Connecticut.

In Connecticut, when a person is sentenced following a criminal conviction, the court often imposes a suspended sentence of anything up to and including the maximum penalty for the offense.  The period of probation depends upon the class and nature of offense for which the person was convicted.

The court then imposes certain standard conditions and any number of special conditions with which the person must abide during the term of the probation.

Attorney to help with a probation violation in Tolland CountyThe standard conditions of probation in Connecticut include:

  • Report as directed and follow your supervising agent’s lawful instructions.
  • Work and/or attend school regularly as directed and provide verification to your supervising agent.
  • Get permission from your supervising agent before: changing your home address, changing your job, and/or leaving the State of Connecticut
  • Obey all laws.
  • Notify your supervising agent at once if charged with a criminal offense, including traffic offenses.
  • Get permission from the court before owning, possessing, using, or having under your control any dangerous weapon or firearm of any description.
  • Permit your supervising agent to visit your home.
  • Do not illegally possess, use, or sell any narcotic drug, controlled substance, counterfeit substance, or related paraphernalia.
  • Appear in court when notified to do so.
  • Pay all fines, costs, restitution, and fees as ordered by the court or as directed by your supervising agent through a payment schedule.

Beyond that, the court can also impose any number of special conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing a DNA sample by a certain date.
  • Submitting to and paying for random urinalysis, as directed.
  • Participate in, successfully complete, and pay for drug & alcohol evaluation, testing, treatment, and/or education, as directed.
  • Attend self-help meetings.
  • Totally abstain from alcohol, illegal substances, and abusive use of any prescription drug.
  • Apply for alcohol restriction on driver’s license within 10 days of trial date.
  • Refrain from driving and/or attempting to drive after consuming alcohol.
  • Attend Victim Impact Panel meetings when notified.
  • Attend and successfully complete DMV Driver Improvement Program.
  • Have Ignition Interlock installed and pay costs. Employment vehicle exempted.
  • Submit to evaluation, attend and successfully complete mental health treatment, as directed.
  • Attend and successfully complete Special Health Education Program.
  • Attend and successfully complete parenting class.
  • Complete a certain number of hours of community service, as directed.
  • Attend and successfully complete domestic violence counseling, and pay required costs.
  • Have no contact with the victim, if any, of the underlying offense.
  • Do not enter or be found near the location of the underlying offense.
  • Home confinement/detention for a certain number of months or years.
  • Register as a sex offender.

A violation of probation is an offense that occurs when you are on probation and your probation agent alleges that you have broken the terms or conditions of your probation in some fashion.

The agent will do so in a Petition to the court, after which the court will either issue an arrest warrant or a summons.

Upon receiving the warrant or summons, you will receive notice of the allegations, and a hearing date will be set. At the hearing, the State has to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that you violated your probation.

If the court finds you in violation, it will consider a variety of factors, such as:

  • the nature and seriousness of the violation
  • whether you have any prior violations
  • any other relevant circumstances

Then, it may impose a number of significant penalties, including any or all of your suspended sentence, extension of your probation, and more.

Whatever the nature of your violation of probation, J. Christopher Llinas has extensive experience with such matters, and can identify the key issues, fully research and investigate those issues, and craft and then execute the best defense possible.

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