DUI prevention is generally far more effective than DUI defense. Here are some steps to take to prevent being arested for driving under the influence. If you’ve already been arrested for drinking and driving, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible to retain experienced legal counsel. 

Check Your BAC Before You Leave

Consider purchasing a small, affordable breathalyzer test that you can keep on hand and use when you’re unsure if you’ve consumed too much to test under the legal limit if you get stopped. 

While many people think these are reserved just for police officers to use during traffic stops or by people convicted of DUI to prove they’re sober before driving, they have a lot of benefit for proactive use. 

If you own a portable breathalyzer, you can simply check your BAC before starting your car to determine if it’s safe enough to drive home. If not, you can wait a little while if your BAC was only slightly over the legal limit, or if it’s much higher, you can hang up your keys and get a ride or stay over if that’s an option. 

Keep Your Number of Drinks Low 

If you plan on driving home after a fun night out, consider keeping the amount of drinks you consume low. Sip water in between drinks and don’t go over your personal limit. Eat a meal to help you metabolize the alcohol faster, and be aware of whether you’re drinking liquor, beer, or wine since each has a different Alcohol by Volume (ABV). If you go over your personal limit, have your backup plan at the ready. 

Have Another Ride On Standby 

It’s generally never a good idea to wait until the last minute to try and find a ride home when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you’re not in good shape to drive home after all. If you can, make a contingency plan to take an Uber home ahead of time and pick up your car the next day. Or, ask a friend (in advance). Even if you plan on drinking in moderation, having a backup plan is always smart.  

Plan B: How to Get Legal Help If You Get Arrested 

Arrested for drunk driving even if you weren’t driving drunk? It can happen. Make sure you get experienced legal help as soon as possible to protect your rights. Contact experienced Portland, CT criminal defense lawyer J. Christopher Llinas now for a consultation at (860) 530-1781.


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