Think you can handle a traffic charge on your own?

You should talk to an attorney first to make sure that’s accurate.

Have you recently been accused of a traffic violation in Connecticut?  Never downplay the potential repercussions that this could have on your future.  Even a traffic violation could come back to haunt you years in the future and it’s well worth at least talking to a Connecticut traffic defense attorney to understand the possible effects on your life.  Here are some of the most common examples of traffic matters charged in the state of Connecticut:

  • Assault with a motor vehicle, which applies when a person is suspected of causing serious injury to another while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Penalties can include license suspension, jail time, fines and the installation of an ignition interlock device.
  • Evading, which is otherwise known as leaving the scene of the accident, where law enforcement believes that you left the scene of a crash in which an injury or property damage occurred.
  • Reckless driving, which can include many different types of behaviors behind the wheel, including speeding at greater than 85 mph.
  • Operating under suspension, if you are pulled over and have a suspended driver’s license.  This offense carries mandatory minimum jail time where the suspension arises from an alcohol-related reason (usually a DUI).
  • Vehicular homicide, which can be charged when a motor vehicle accident leads to the death of a victim.  Anyone convicted of this offense could face license suspension, jail time, and more.
  • Driving a vehicle without permission.  This is classified as theft in the state of Connecticut, even if you only take the vehicle for a small period of time.  Driving any vehicle without the owner’s permission could be charged as a felony and the consequences will be higher for vehicles that have higher monetary values.
  • CDL (“Commercial Driver’s License) violations, or any traffic violations where the driver holds a CDL.  If you hold a CDL license, your job like depends upon the continued validity of that license.  Which means your CDL, and your job, are at risk if you have been charged with a traffic violation, whether you were driving your work vehicle or personal vehicle.  Because CDL’s are subject to federal regulation, more than just court-imposed consequences of the traffic violation at issue may apply in your case.  Anyone holding a CDL license who has recently been cited or arrested for any type of traffic violation should immediately consult with a knowledgeable Connecticut traffic defense attorney to discuss options.
  • Any moving violation, which only carries the possible penalties of fines and points, can still have negative consequences upon the status of your license, and the cost of your auto insurance.

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