What You  Need To Know About Assault Charges

Assault is often thrown around as a term that confuses many people but it is important to realize that being accused of an assault is a serious matter that requires the insight of a criminal defense attorney. Assault is considered a violent crime that is heavily penalized throughout Connecticut.

You need a strong and clear defense to help you with each step of the way and you deserve to have the insight provided by a knowledgeable Connecticut assault defense attorney to protect your rights as you attempt to protect your name and pursue justice.

Related Violent Crimes

Other violent crime charges commonly alleged in Connecticut include kidnapping, murder, robbery, manslaughter, and domestic violence. Many assault cases in Connecticut are classified as felonies and the laws associated with them are complex. The harm that was done to the alleged victim and the way that the crime was committed are two of the most important factors in determining how your charge will be carried through the courts.

You could be sentenced for bringing fear to the other participant if you are currently facing assault charges for being involved in a fight. Even without physically laying a hand on another person, the life altering consequences of an assault allegation and conviction can follow you.

Aggravating Elements In Your Case

The sentence can be increased if there are aggravating factors in your case, such as whether or not the assault was carried out in conjunction with another crime, whether or not the assault involved a member of law enforcement, or whether or not the alleged victim involved a pregnant woman. For first degree assault charges in Connecticut, this can be charged as a class B felony, for which the maximum penalty is 40 years in prison and/or a $15,000 fine.

Get help with your charges from an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are not sure where to turn or what to do after being arrested for criminal assault in Connecticut, you deserve to have an attorney who is thoroughly experienced in protecting the rights of the accused. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty but that you must have an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney there to guide you through the process and to avoid mistakes.



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